About District

Simdega district ranks twenty-second in terms of total population in the state and twentieth in regards to decadal population growth rate (2001-11) among the twenty-four districts. With a sex ratio of 1000. The district comprises of ten blocks namely, Simdega, pakar Tanr, kurdeg, Kersai, Bolba, Thethaitangar, Kolebira, Jaldega, Basjor and Bano. As per Census 2011, the district has 451 villages and 1 town distributed in two assembly constituencies. Census 2011 figure indicated that the percentage share of scheduled caste population to total population was 7.45 percent while that of scheduled tribes was 70.78 percent. Total area of Simdega District is 3761.20 sq km.

S.No. Indicator Population
1 Total Population 599578
2 Male 300309
3 Female 299269
4 Rural 556634
5 Urban 42944
6 SC 22150(M), 22524(F), 44674(Total)
7 ST 211546(M), 212861(F), 424407(Total)
8 Sex ratio 1000
9 % growth(2001-2011) 16.62
10 Population density 160
11 Literacy Rate 75.84%(M), 59.38%(F), 67.59%(Total)


The Major rivers of this area are Sankh, Deo, Girwa, and Palamara. Among these rivers Sankh is the main river of the district.


Simdega district has about 32% of forested area.  Important forest products are Saal seeds, Cocoon, Lac, Tendu leaves, Karanj, Chiraunji etc., The major trees are Sal, Bija, Gamhar, Jackfruit, Jamun, Mango, Bamboo, Neem etc.

Sports Activities

Simdega District is called the ” NURSERY OF GAMES(Khel Ka Nursury)”.District has setup a landmark in Hockey .Football is also played in Simdega.There are various Hockey players who has played for country.They are : Michel Kindo(Olympian),Silbanus Dungdung(Olympian),Kanti Baa,Masira Surin,Sumrai Tete,Justin Kerketta,Vimal Lakra,Virendra Lakra,Edlin Kerketta,Asunta Lakra ,Alma Guria,Puspa Topno,Sunita,James Kerketta,Ashrita Lakra and so on.