Fisheries and aquaculture have emerged as one of the most promising sectors of food production & nutritional security. This sector is also important as it provides fish protein locally and easily. This sector also contributes significantly to national income, nutritional security, export earning and in fulfilling the various social objectives. Although compared to other sectors such as  agriculture, animal husbandry etc. in terms of volume, it is very small yet, aquaculture and fisheries plays a very important role in terms of food/ protein security, employment generation and poverty alleviation in rural areas of the state.

Fisheries in simdega is developing with good pace and is one of the sectors which is attracting rural populations. Fisheries resources in the district are limited compared to other districts but considerable efforts are being continuously made for their optimum utilization.

With the view of above fisheries department is running various schemes with following objectives:

  • Enhancing fish production and productivity of available water bodies.
  • Sustainable growth of fisheries in the district.
  • To augment fish seed production for advancement of aquaculture in the district.
  • To create employment avenues in rural areas through fisheries along with economic upliftment.
  • To provide solid base for livelihood to displaced population of reservoirs through fish production.
  • Area expansion for fish and fish seed production.
  • For the maximum sustainable exploitation of existing water bodies training programmes for fishers and SHGs.
  • Efforts for marketing of fish in hygienic condition along with transporting and storage systems.
  • Provision for social and economic securities to stake holders especially fishers.



Schemes/work of the department


  • Training for Seed Growers/Fish Farmer
  • Fish seed Distribution On Subsidy Basis
  • Departmental Spawn/Feed/Fry Catching Net Distribution
  • New Rearing pond construction
  • Ved Vyas Awaas Construction
  • Reservoir Stocking
  • Fish marketing Scheme
  • Subsidy in fish feed
  • Cage & RFF Farming
  • Insurance schemes for Fisherman/Fish farmer
  • PMMSY (Pradhanmantri Matasya Sampada Yojna)


Address – District Fisheries Office, behind Circuit  house, Simdega

Help Line/whatsapp No. – 9931500747

E-mail Id-


Fisheries at a glance

Fisheries Resources

  • Main Reservoirs or Dams :-      Kelaghat(Chinda), Kobang, Ramrekha, Goverdhasa, Larba
  • Main Rivers :-    Shankh, Chinda, Palmara
  • Main Fish seed farms :-             Total No. one(1) , located at District Fisheries Office, Simdega
  • Main Fish Seed Hatcheries :-

Govt.sector        :-             Nil

Private sector    :-             Nil

Portable hatchery:-         Total no. Four (4)

  • of Trained Fishermen/Fisherfolks :-            3200
  • of Fishermen Co-Operative Society :-              06
  • Total no. of Fishermen Co-Operative Society members :-             359
  • Estimated Fish Production(2019-20) :-             5180 metric tonnes
  • Available water resources in the district :- Resources unit No. Water area (ha) Potential Productivity


1 Govt. Ponds & Tanks Ha 167 266 2500 Other Deptt. Ponds not included, given in separate table
2 Pvt. Ponds & Tanks Ha 2853 3372.3 2500
3 Reservoir/


Ha 36 3995 100
4 Dobha Ha 9000 36 100
  • Total no. of cage batteries installed :- 43
  • Total no. of sites where RFF units installed :- 4
  • Fish requirement in the District :- 9000 metric tonnes (assuming 60% fish eating


  • Demand supply gap :- 3800 metric tonnes (approx)
  • Total Seed production in the district :- 1600 lakhs or 16 crore fry 

List of available water resources from other departments/Agency

SL. No. Name of the department No. of Ponds No. of dobhas/water bodies



Water Reservoir


1 Water Shed 54 13
2 Water ways Division 04
3 Minor Irrigation 86
5 DRDA 6521 7182
Total- 6813 7195 04