Social Welfare

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1 . Chief Minister For Kanayadan Scheme

  •  RS 30,000 thirty under chief minister kanayadan scheme for marriage to the daughter of bpl families under the Jharkhand state monetary assistance is provided in the savings account of the girl. under the scheme family antyodaya a food scheme card ( yellow coloured ration cards ) retrospective cativy – irb pink colour ration link rrb –e- v pas ration cards ( white coloured ).
  • name of the girls belonging to the families holding the ration cards should be mentioned in the list of beneficiaries certificate of marriage registration should be available .
  • Daughter’s cards should be available.
    is not a case of marriage . but allowed for window remarriage application has to be filed within 01 years of marriage .

2. Chief Minister Sukanya Scheme
under this scheme financial assistance to a couple of girl/clients in the holdings of the pink grain scheme cards ( pink juice ration cards ) purggari – oil ration cards ( white color ration cards ) will be provided. 5,000 classes in the mother’s account of the girls child born up the to two years from today. the account of 5,000-5,000’ will be payable to girls account on nomination for clearing gua-x and class –x on borrowing will be payable to girls account. financial assistance of rs -10,000 has been provided to the people on completion of the age of 18-20 years and entry of name in the electoral rolls browed .

3. Prime Minister Administration Plan
in the light national food security act 2013 under the scheme of prime minister matri vandana , the central government is awarded an amount of rs 5,000 in installments for the first time pregnant and dornment women after 01.01.2017.

Installment Amount Qualication
First 1000/- Registration of gestational
Second 2000/- On completing an assessment (6 month after pregnancy may be claimed ) percussion .
Third 2000/- Registration of child birth 2 fat bumps and hepatits are equivalent to them .


4. Special Instrument For The Diayang Person
with a certificiate of more than 40 percent disability and instrument are provided on the advice of the doctor .
social welfare department dawara prime minister matvandana scheme ineractivity 02 posts on placement advertisement has been published .
a. District plan coordinator.
b. Planning assistant .