Employment and Training

Background of Employment Exchange:-

In 1948, in the Convention No. 88 of the International Labour Organization, the Employment Exchange suggested to employ unemployed youth and women in various schemes by giving them free public and protected facilities. The suggestion above has been made for the fulfilment of the objective. A training and planning service organization committee was formed under the chairmanship of Shivrao and in the light of the suggestions given by the committee, research professional guidance and planning market information have been added to the work of the department.

Keeping in mind the suggestions of shivrao committee, the government of India passed Employment Exchange ( Compulsory notification of vacancies) Act 1959. It’s rules and regulations were made in 1960 and is applicable in whole of India from 1st May 1960. Under this Act, the public sector under the jurisdiction of the employment exchanges established in the country it is mandatory for all the employers of all public and private sectors in which more than 25 people are employed to notify the vacancies in the local employment office. all the employers are required to submit the Quarterly return (ER-1) of all the employees related to their establishment to the local employment office.

With the aim of making the employment exchange transparent and accessible, all the work of the employment exchange has been made online from 13th January 2014 so that the unemployed boys and girls can get all the facilities of the employment office sitting at home. Now the employers and unemployed youth can get information about job fairs and recruitment camps by there on, by them registering in the employment office. they can get information through SMS.

Departmental is portal

Employment Registration Information:-

 At present, 5062 people are registered in the district employment office, Simdega. In which the number of females are 2239 and the number of males are 2823. In this office all the educated unemployed from  the districts whose age limit is between 18 to 40 can get themselves registered.

Registration Process:-

  1. Registration can be done on any working day in the District Employment Exchange office. this is completely free.
  2. The process of Registration can also be done by going online

 Required Documents for Registration:-

  1. Photocopy of mark sheet
  2. Photocopy of aadhar card
  3. Photocopy of caste certificate
  4. Photocopy of residential certificate
  5. 1 passport size photo

Career Centre:-

Apart from this a library has been established and functioning in this office under the Carrier Studies Scheme for unemployed youth. In which for competitive examinations multi use of books/daily newspapers/ hindi and English employment news/ magazines related to competitive examinations are available.

Establishment of Model Career Centre:-

online and offline Vocational guidance scheme will be started by the Government of Jharkhand by specialist career counsellors at the centre. Under the Scheme the local Youth and unemployed youth will be told about the Possibilities available to them through technology. In addition, the facility of training and Counselling will also be provided. This study centre will be linked to the National Career Service. Unemployed will get information about available vacancies across the Country from here.

This centre will give its report to the Government after assessing the skilled manpower available in the Market.  This centre will try to bridge the distance between demand side and supply side on the basis of Vocational, skill and job Matching.


Sl. No. Name of Institute Detail
01 Government ITI, Simdega Click here
02 Government Women’s ITI, Simdega Click here