Watershed Management

Watershed Management

Watershed Management is defiance as the process of formulating and Carrying out Course of action  involving many Pulsation of  Natural. Agricultural and human resources of watershed to provide Resources that are desired  by and are suitable to the watershed community the watershed management and exploitation should not have any adverse effects on soil and water resources. It is on intergraded and multi disciplinary approach.

Objective of watershed Management

Protecting , Conserving and  improving the land Resources  for efficient and Sustained  production .Profiting and enhancing water Resources, moderating floods,  reducing silting up of tanks/reservoirs, increasing irrigation, and Conserving Rainwater for Crops and thus mitigating droughts, utilizing the natural local resources for improving agriculture  and   allied occupation of   industries so as to improve   Socio-economic condition  of local residents.

Activity of watershed

Possible range of treatment measures is contour bunding Contour trenching, Stone bunding , Bench terracing, Percolation tank, Percolation Ponds Gully Plugs, Borabandh , Form bunding, land levcliry, Form pond, Dobha,Hapa, Tcb , Wat, Dct, Act etc.

Benefit of watershed

Develop wetland, improve water quality.

Develop of Forest, improve are quality.

Save the drop-drop water.

Improve the watershed.

Stop the soil Erosion.

Water in avilasul in well, pond. act.

Improvement  of  livelihood.

Increase soil moister, and forming.