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There are three Assembly Constituencies under Simdega District, including 70 – Simdega (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituencies Pakartand, Simdega, Kuredeg, Kersai & Palkot (District Gumla), 71 – Kolebira.  (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency under Kolebira, Jaldega, Bansjor, Typical Itager and Bolba and 59 – Torpa (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency is Bano Block.  As far as the parliamentary constituency is concerned, the entire district is a part of 11-Suti (APJ) constituency.  Simdega district has two Electoral Registration Officers (70 – Simdega and 71 – Kolebira) and Six Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (70 – Simdega Assembly under Palkot, Simdega, Kurdeg and 71 – Kolebira, Kolebira, Jaladega and Typitangar blocks).

The Election Commission of India, New Delhi conducts a brief revision program of the voter list twice a year.  Apart from this, continuous work of voter list related work continues throughout the year.  At the time of brief revision and continuous updation, eligible voters who have completed 18+ age form in their respective BLO, Block Office and Subdivision Office.  Through the voter list, you can get your name enrollment.  Forms submitted offline are executed through Link Center, Simdega through EROnet.  Apart from this, online entry of Form 6, 7, 8 and 8’A’ can also be done through, or Pragya Kendra.

DCC (1950) has been installed in the district by the department.  In which four helpdesk managers are appointed.  For any kind of assistance or grievance related to elections by common citizens, contact any time on the 1950 toll free no.

Notification given by District Election Office, Simdega by Election Commission of India, New Delhi and Chief Electoral Officer, Jharkhand, Ranchi  In the light of this, Lok Sabha General Elections and Legislative Assembly General Elections are held.



Sl.No. Description File
02 BLO List 70 Simdega (21.09.2020) BLO_list_70_Simdega_21.09.2020
01 BLO List  71 Kolebira (21.09.2020) BLO_list_71_Kolebira_21.09.2020



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