Tourist Places


The district Simdega has tremendous potential for development of tourism. Its scenic beauty, landscapes full of greenery coupled with very pleasant climate can attract both domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Bhairo Baba.
Bhairo Baba Pahari

The Bhairo Baba Pahari is basically a cave, which is located in the village named Phulwatanger of the Simdega Block….

Dan Gaddi Gate.
Dan Gaddi

Dangadi is a lovely and wonderful scenically place. It is situated in block Bolba. A beautiful waterfall attracts the visitors….

Ketunga Dham.
Ketunga Dham

Ketunga Dham situated in Bano Block is very important historical place. The archeological survey of India points out this place…

Bandurga Temple.

Bandurga is the holy place of Goddess of SHAKTI, DEVI DURGA and situated in Bolba Block. Here people come and…

Mazar of Anjan Peer Saheeb

Mazar of Anjaam Peer Saheeb is inside the premise of Kolebira police station .This is a great symbol of harmony,…

Ramrekha Dham Front View.
RamRekha Dham

RamRekha Dham is the holy place which is about 26 K.M from simdega H.Q. People says during 14 years BANWAS…

KelaGhagh Dam Side View.
Kelaghagh dam

Kelaghgh dam is the most beautiful dam on Chhinda river in Simdega. It is situated at a distance of 4…