Places of Interest

Ram Rekha Dham:

Ram rekha dham is the holy place which is about 26 K.M from simdega H.Q. People says during 14 years BANWAS period lord Sri Rama, Mata Sita and Laxman had visited this place and lived here for some time. Some archeological structures like agni kund, charan paduka, sita chulha, gupt ganga etc. shows that during BANWAS period they followed this path. People visited Ram rekha dham to view these archeological structures and temple of lord Rama, Maa Sita, Laxman, Hanumana and Lord Shiva which lies in a bowed cave. Every Year on Kartik Purnima a Mela is organised here. People from different states and of all community come here and pray to GOD for their happiness.

Bhairo Baba Pahari:

The Bhairo Baba Pahari is basically a cave, which is located in the village named Phulwatanger of the Simdega Block. The shape of the cave takes the form of a living body.

Ketunga Dham:

Ketunga Dham situated in Bano Block is very important historical place. The archeological survey of India points out this place as the Land Of Buddha Period. At Ketunga Dham many statue of Buddha were found. It is said that King Ashoka,Mourya Emperor) established these statues while returning to Patliputra after Kalinga war.

Kelaghagh dam:

Kelaghgh dam is the most beautiful dam on Chhinda river in Simdega. It is situated at a distance of 4 km from district H.Q. The lovely waterdam is surrounded by multiple hills which attracts tourists very much. The district administration is providing the facility of motor boating and parasailing. There is a plateau in Kelaghagh dam where a small and beautiful park exists. At Kelaghagh dam the construction of hotel is going on where the tourists can avail the lodging and fooding facility. Simdega Notified area committee is making supply of drinking water to simdega town from kelaghagh dam.

Astroturf Hockey Stadium:

Simdega is also known as ‘Cradle of Hockey’ in the state. It have given top notch sportsman at Olympics representing the county. Sylvanus Dung Dung is former olympian who won Gold at 1980 Moscow Olympics in Hockey. Michael Kindo is another olympian winning Bronze at 1972 summer olympics. Asunta Lakra captain of India’s women Hockey Team hails from Simdega.
Recently, the city has got an ‘Astroturf Hockey Stadium’ for budding Hockey players for the area. It has also an outdoor stadium named Albert Ekka Stadium for other sports namely football and Cricket.


Bandurga is the holy place of Goddess of SHAKTI, DEVI DURGA and situated in Bolba Block. Here people come and pray to Devi Durga for their happiness. This place is also a natural picnic spot.

Bhanwar Pahar:

Bhanwar Pahar is in Kolebira Block. Here lots of Black bees (Bhanwara) found and it is said Bhanwar Pahar due to this. In ancient age these flies were used as the soldiers. It is very similar to Himachal Pradesh. Flowers of GULAITCHI on the small hill is nature’s gift to villagers living in the small houses on the hill. A small Natural pond exists in between the stones on the hill. It is surprising to see the pond full of water in all seasons. Looking the ground from the top of the small hill is a great feeling. One can feel the natural airconditioning system inside the cave on Bhanwar Pahaar.